As a member of Gronical Dizziness you pay contribution three times per year (Indoor, open/ladies, and mixed seasons). To be a member of a frisbee club in the Netherlands you also pay a contribution to the National Frisbee Association (NFB) twice a year through the club. 

If you play tournaments with the club you often also have to pay a player and/or teamfee for that specific tournament. 

Below you'll find an overview of the cost of the GD and NFB contribution.

GD contribution

First two practices are free

  training contribution* competition add-on**
Open (march-June) € 31,- € 10,-

Mixed (August-October)

€ 26,- € 10,-
Indoor (Oktober-March) €  57,- € 20,-

* Students and people with a lower income pay 70% of the training contribution.
** If you only come to practices and don't play competition you pay the training contribution 

NFB contribution

As a member of a dutch frisbee club you pay € 7,50,- per half-year

Players who play competition in the Netherlands also have to pay € 8,75,- for a competition license every half-year.


  • If you don't play competition but play one day as a substitute you still have to pay for a competition license
  • Your membership with the club keeps going until you cancel your membership. You can cancel your membership by sending an Email to the club E-mail
  • If you join the club halfway during a season you can get a discount on your club contribution in consultation with our treasurer

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